We promote sustainable thinking and action worldwide with sensor technology, open dialog and social responsibility.

Social and ecological responsibility

We are a member of the RBA (formerly EICC) and are thus committed to continuous improvement in the areas of labor law, occupational safety, the environment and ethics. We also audit our suppliers to ensure that they also comply with the RBA Code.

Giving back to the community

We show solidarity and give back to the community. One example of this is our 2020 Moving Matters not-for-profit campaign intended to help those severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Certified production site in Stäfa

Our production site in Stäfa (Switzerland) is ISO environmental standard 14001 certified. We keep the use of harmful substances in our products to a minimum, and all of our products meet the legal requirements of RoHS and REACH.

Sustainability policy

Social responsibility statement
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CSR award RBA
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CSR award Ecovadis
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Conflict mineral report
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Californian proposition 65 statement
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Material safety datasheets and sensors
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Contributing to sustainable better air quality

Air pollution is one of the world’s greatest challenges and biggest health risks. Our environmental sensors provide reliable air quality data, helping us to understand causes and take effective action.

Sensor technology for hydrogen projects

Sustainably produced hydrogen is a promising method of achieving CO₂ targets. Sensirion’s sensor technology currently already meets the high requirements of the required gas infrastructure, and is therefore ideally suited for future hydrogen projects.

A sustainable future due to environmental sensor technology

We take care to produce our sensors as sustainably as possible


In 2020, we used 17% less water per sensor produced.


In 2020, we were able to reduce energy consumption per sensor produced by 32%.

For us, sustainability not only means that we use resources sparingly in development and production, but also that we take care to avoid waste as much as possible and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, right from the initial design stage of our products.

More about Sensirion

Ensuring safety and comfort

With our sensors, we bring more safety, comfort and well-being to all areas of life.

Quality and reliability

Our sensor products ensure maximum reliability for the most demanding of applications.

Improving health

Our sensor solutions allow medical examinations and treatments to be continuously optimized.