Always one step ahead

We always want to try out new things, push boundaries and set new standards with innovative technology.

New applications and innovative employees

Enabling new applications

We enable a wide range of new applications in a wide variety of sectors. Whether in medicine, the automotive industry or consumer electronics, our solutions make devices intelligent and enable secure, stable communication in the long term.

The best employees at every level

We recruit outstanding talent and provide them with fulfilling environments in which they are free to innovate solutions and invest in personal growth, allowing us to stay agile and continuously pioneer at the forefront of sensor technology development.

CMOSens® Technology

Our patented CMOSens® Technology enables the intelligent system integration of the sensor element, logic, calibration data and a digital interface onto a single chip.

For us, innovation means always being ahead of the times. The products which have already revolutionized the sensor market are proof that we have already achieved this several times over.

More about Sensirion


Sensirion develops, improves and revolutionizes sensor technology for a smarter future.

Global presence

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sensors, Sensirion has a truly global presence.


We are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability, both within the company and worldwide.