Increasing efficiency

We want to enable more energy-efficient applications in all areas of life with innovative sensor solutions.

Ventilation on demand

Thanks to on-demand ventilation, energy efficiency can be optimized, with ventilation only being carried out when necessary. This system also increases the efficiency of the “residents”, as they can concentrate better thanks to optimal IAQ (indoor air quality) values.

More energy-efficient air conditioning in cars

Air conditioning in cars consumes a lot of energy. Our humidity and temperature sensors ensure optimal energy-efficient control and ensure that the air conditioner only runs when needed.

Reducing energy consumption in buildings

40% of global energy consumption is used for buildings. Our sensors significantly contribute to our customers’ applications to achieve more efficient operations.

More efficient refrigerators

Humidity sensors significantly improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators by preventing condensation between refrigerator doors.

An efficient and sustainable consumption of resources thanks to our sensors

1.5 tons

Thanks to our sensors, approximately 1.5 million tons of petroleum were saved in 2019.

10 %

Thanks to our sensor solutions, energy consumption in buildings can be reduced by up to 10% of its previous value.

As the world’s leading sensor company, Sensirion provides customers in many different industries with sensor solutions for more efficient and sustainable energy management practices.

More about Sensirion

Improving health

Our sensor solutions allow medical examinations and treatments to be continuously optimized.

Ensure safety and comfort

With our sensors, we bring more safety, comfort and well-being to all areas of life.


We are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability, both within the company and worldwide.