Improving health

We want to advance medical technology with our sensor solutions to improve health and quality of life worldwide.

Making intravenous infusions safer

Sensirion’s fluid flow sensors detect and prevent blockages in the infusion flow and open tubes, enabling infusion pumps to deliver medication to patients in a controlled, precise and autonomous manner. In addition, our disposable flow sensors, accurately monitor administered flow rates and quickly and reliably detect failure modes.

Improving the reliability of ventilation treatments

The use of highly sensitive flow sensors ensures that patients receive the right amount of air, while real-time measurement and associated regulation of ventilation reduces the risk of suffocation.

Smart inhalers

As a market leader in medical technology, Sensirion offers various sensor solutions for smart inhalers. Existing inhalers and platforms can also be retrofitted with the necessary electronics. This reduces application errors and improves patient results.

Application of sensors in medicine

More than 10 million patients worldwide rely on Sensirion sensors every day.

> 10 Mio.

More than 10 million patients worldwide rely on Sensirion sensors every day.


Sensirion has been a partner of leading medical device manufacturers for around 15 years.

Smart inhalers will play a key role in modern drug-dosing treatment in the future. Sensirion provides accurate, reliable flow rate measurements for better treatment results.

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Sensirion develops, improves and revolutionizes sensor technology for a smarter future.


We are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability, both within the company and worldwide.

Always one step ahead

Sensirion sets standards and drives the sensor industry forward with its innovative products.