Ensure safety and comfort

With our sensor solutions, we want to make the world a safer place and enable a better quality of life for everyone.

Sensors in ventilation systems and air purifiers

Sensirion’s environmental sensors can be used to measure the air quality of a room and control it accordingly. The integration of particulate matter, CO₂ and gas sensors into ventilation systems or air purifiers reduces exposure to pollutants and improves the health of occupants.

HVAC monitoring in smart homes

In smart home applications, digitally networked systems and automated processes enable greater comfort for residents. Ventilation and heating systems adapt to the current use of a room on demand using sensor technology.

CO₂ and particulate matter sensors in use

Safety and comfort in different aspects of life thanks to our sensors


Our particulate matter sensors are the basis for filter and monitoring applications that reduce exposure to particulate matter.

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Every third newly manufactured car is equipped with an integrated sensor from Sensirion.

Thanks to the built-in Sensirion sensors, the windshield of newly manufactured cars is prevented from fogging up, improving the driver's visibility significantly.

More about Sensirion

Increasing efficiency

Sensirion develops innovative sensor solutions for efficient, sustainable energy management.

Quality and reliability

Our sensor products ensure maximum reliability for the most demanding of applications.

Improving health

Our sensor solutions allow medical examinations and treatments to be continuously optimized.