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Career news, 02/15/2022

We were crowned with the Leading Employers award

Employee benefits, salaries, good reviews or brand recognition – these are factors that can be used to evaluate a company as an employer. But what exactly qualifies a company as a top employer? Leading Employers takes a holistic approach in their evaluation.

To fully identify a company as a top employer, it must be evaluated from a variety of perspectives. That is why Leading Employers examine companies using a holistic approach. They evaluate companies from all over the country by means of a meta-analysis to exclusively award the top 1%.

Leading Employers is the world’s most comprehensive study on employer qualities. It translates a wide spectrum of criteria into a holistic assessment and therefore illuminates all aspects that are important to employees. These include but are not limited to employee offerings and satisfaction, health management, CSR, reputation, and talent communication. They collect information from studies, statistics, rating portals and reports for unbiased and independent findings. The data is then analyzed to form an overall and accurate picture of how the company is performing. With the help of a scoring model and a weighting matrix the top 1% employers are identified.

Companies being named one of the top 1% leading employers show great appreciation of their employees, offer a high-quality working environment, and provide outstanding working conditions as well as employee benefits.

This year, we have been awarded this seal of approval. We are very grateful and would like to express our heartfelt thanks for this award!

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