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Career news, 07/13/2022

Trainee outing 2022

Guided tour of the waterworks and competitive paintball rounds

Shortly before the end of the school year, the 18 Sensirion apprentices embarked on an apprentice excursion with two trainers.

The day began at the Hardhof waterworks in Zurich. As an introduction, the responsible head of IT Security gave us a presentation with lots of interesting facts about how our drinking water is produced and how it makes its way from the lakes and mountains into our water bottles. To gain a better understanding of the processes, we were given a tour of the waterworks facilities. The guide gave a detailed explanation of the various facilities and addressed the questions posed by the apprentices.

After an informative morning, we moved on to the fun part in the afternoon. Equipped and highly motivated, we competed in two teams in the paintball hall and fought for every point. At the end of the day, we all gathered for a cold drink before heading home together.

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