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Being at the leading edge and developing smart software solutions for the future is what our motivated software teams stand for. Together, they work on applications and the integration of high-tech products - because as a manufacturer of sensors, Sensirion offers customers a complete solution. Boredom is not on the daily agenda. Instead, you can give free rein to creativity and the spirit of innovation and bring these into the development process. 

Job profiles

The sensor solutions produced by Sensirion are subjected to a complex production process. The software department ensures that millions of sensors can be produced seamlessly and that the machines are always ready for use. At the same time, the performance of the sensors is optimized for the customer through complete and individual calibration. Interdisciplinary collaboration is of key importance for this.

What distinguishes the work?

The software team for manufacturing and development offers a particularly high degree of creative freedom. It is important to strike a balance between strategic and operational thinking, and thus bring a wide range of qualities with you. On the one hand, practical approaches are required when working with the production machines. On the other hand, contact with internal customers requires an understanding of their complex requirements and goals. We will support you in developing these skills!

Which skills are required?

Software engineers for manufacturing and development possess a wide range of skills and interests. They are business analysts, architects, designers, coders and testers all in one. For graduates in particular, this position offers an opportunity to develop and gain insight into many aspects of their career right from the start.

Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, smartphones, wearables - consumer electronics have permeated every aspect of human life. It's a sector that is constantly on the hunt for new technologies and innovations, just like Sensirion's software department for mobile and consumer business. The teams put their skills to use in different areas. From embedded development on firmware and drivers with C, app development with Swift, Kotlin and Flutter, and desktop applications with Python through to cloud services with Python or Rust: the choice of the right tool depends on efficiency, experience and the willingness to experiment.

What distinguishes the work?

The software team is characterized by its agile way of working. Scrum has been in use for more than seven years now and the workflow is thus managed by the team itself. Even if the team members are specialized in their field, the various work packages are available to everyone. This means you can always learn new skills and develop yourself further, for example, through mentoring. It's also worth noting that Linux is used as the main operating system - depending on the task or personal preference, Windows or Mac computers can also be used.

Which skills are required?

The software engineers can be flexible and switch between work packages. We attach particular importance to creative thinking; you should be able to question and offer improvements to new ideas and existing ones. This also means being able to put yourself in the customers' shoes in order to achieve the best solution. Possessing the ability to work with modern toolchains and drive projects forward, both in a team and independently, is a basic prerequisite.

John Oldridge, Software Engineer

John Oldrige works as a software engineer at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. He enjoys spending time outdoors. Be it with his hobbies climbing and trail running or having lunch on the Sensirion roof top terrace.

Fabrice Oehler, Software Engineer

Fabrice Oehler has been working at Sensirion as a software engineer for two years. In this video he explains what is unique about Sensirion. Find out how important software engineering is in the development and production of our sensors.

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