Energy from hydrogen

How to lay the technical foundations and become a leader in the energy transition

Need for decarbonization

Climate neutrality, sustainability and the reduction of CO₂ emissions are now global trends. The decarbonization of the energy sector plays an important role in this context, as this sector contributes significantly to CO₂ emissions. A promising strategy here is the use of renewable gases such as biogas or sustainably produced hydrogen gas, or that of admixtures of renewable gases with natural gas. Thanks to its versatility, hydrogen is a particularly promising candidate for supporting decarbonization efforts, with great potential for the future.

In fact, hydrogen can be used as a means to store excess energy from renewable sources (power-to-gas) in a decentralized approach. It can be distributed into dedicated networks or even into the existing gas infrastructure, eventually blended with natural gas: this requires adaptation of the infrastructure and close monitoring for safety and performance reasons. The required flexibility in the gas composition poses a major challenge to the industry, if the infrastructure and the combustion applications are to run optimally and efficiently. Sensirion's sensor technology can handle this broad requirement and is thus an ideal solution for your future products.

Choose Sensirion as your technology partner to ensure you are ready for a hydrogen future. Thanks to our broad sensor portfolio and application know-how, we are your ideal partner for handling the complex developments in technology and regulations.

Our expertise - your benefits

Our sensors achieve long-term stability, precision, and reliability that are unparalleled on the market. These characteristics are crucial in many applications, and are fundamental to your and your products’ success. Furthermore, they increase the lifetime.

Thanks to the many years of use of our established sensor solutions, we have developed an in-depth market understanding and extensive applications know-how.

Sensirion is a valuable partner in a field that is characterized by developments in technology and regulations under evolution. Our technologies ensure that your products are ready for the future and the challenges it brings.

We have a strong and diversified market presence in the field of flow and environmental sensor technology. More than 700 million devices are equipped with Sensirion's technology. Our products are designed to rely on economies of scale, thus enabling cost-effectiveness - without compromising reliability nor precision.

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