Gas analyzers for custody transfer: fast, compact and autonomous

The decentralized introduction of biogas and hydrogen into the natural gas grid triggers demand for a more granular monitoring of gas composition and calorific value. Sensirion gas analyzer solutions offer a tailored means to measure relevant gas parameters in an autonomous way with a compact instrument that offers high measurement speeds and reduced maintenance costs.

Qmicro by Sensirion


Compact Ex certified process GC analyzer – the micro-gas chromatograph is designed for continuous gas mixture monitoring in industrial process and factory automation applications.

Trend topic


Climate neutrality, sustainability and the reduction of CO₂ emissions are now global trends. The decarbonization of the energy sector plays an important role in this context, as this sector contributes significantly to CO₂ emissions. A promising strategy here is the use of renewable gases such as biogas or sustainably produced hydrogen gas, or that of admixtures of renewable gases with natural gas.

Qmicro's GC analyzers are ideal for us due to their compact and fast measurement time. The use of only one carrier gas reduces the complexity of our system and simplifies maintenance.

Applied smart energy applications

Smart energy

Ready for a multigas future in gas metering