Combustion control in boilers: energy efficient and safe operation

High-precision control of gas appliances is absolutely vital to ensuring reliable, safe operation and simultaneous energy efficiency. Sensirion offers solutions for optimum combustion processes in boilers. Our future-proof solutions are also compatible with concentrations of up to 100% hydrogen.

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Climate neutrality, sustainability and the reduction of CO₂ emissions are now global trends. The decarbonization of the energy sector plays an important role in this context, as this sector contributes significantly to CO₂ emissions. A promising strategy here is the use of renewable gases such as biogas or sustainably produced hydrogen gas, or that of admixtures of renewable gases with natural gas.

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Efficient gas flow measurements in bypass

Author: Andries Bosma, Product Manager Sensirion, Gas Flow / Differential Pressure

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Ready for a multigas future in gas metering