Sensor solutions for analytical instruments

Our sensors enable high performance instruments with real-time monitoring and control to provide optimal industrial solutions

High level of automation and control for DNA sequencing

An extremely fine control over reagents and sample volumes is needed for DNA sequencing. Sensirion liquid flow sensors enable precise dosing with a high level of accuracy.

Reliability and precision in flow cytometry

Flow cytometers can be used to make analysis and sorting on a single-cell level. Sensirion high accuracy liquid flow sensors monitor process flow rates in real time down to nl/min, enabling flow cytometry core technology.

Accurate monitoring and control in chromatography

Chromatography can be used to separate complex mixtures of substances, for example in forensics, the pharmaceutical industry or food production. Sensirion liquid and gas flow controllers ensure accurate monitoring and control of gas flows.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution

Precise flow measurement

Sensirion liquid flow sensor solutions for analytical instruments meet the industry’s high demands on automation and reliability.

Fast response time

Sensirion sensors are fast, accurate and compact. They provide maximum safety, stability and long-term reliability.

High versatility

The sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications where precise failure detection and volume confirmation are required.



Demanding applications across industries at up to 1 ml/min

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  • Liquid flow
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Made to measure: the next level in liquid flow sensing



Best price-performance ratio, distribution version, 5 slm

  • Sensor
  • Mass flow controllers


Best price-performance ratio, distribution version, 5 slm

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  • Gas flow sensors


Versatile mass flow controller

  • Sensor
  • Mass flow controllers
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Versatile mass flow controller, via online distribution

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For compact integration into instruments and other closed systems