Buildings are responsible for 40 percent of global energy consumption and people spend about 90% of their time indoors. By offering smart sensor solutions, we enable family homes, industrial facilities and entire building complexes to operate energy-efficiently and at the same time increase comfort for a healthy indoor climate.


Demand-controlled ventilation: Maximized well-being and optimum energy efficiency

Every liter of air that enters a building requires a lot of energy to process. Demand-based ventilation control based on IAQ parameters optimizes energy consumption by ensuring that only as much air enters a building as is actually needed.

Room sensor: Precise visualization/characterization of indoor air

Gases and other pollutants can have negative effects on health and well-being. They are mostly invisible and difficult for humans to detect, but sensors can detect and "visualize" the gases.

VAV Controller: Drive and control solutions for airflow control

Ventilation concepts for rooms require modern, energy-efficient VAV control concepts and should ensure a demand-based supply of fresh air from the AHU fan to the various zones of the building.

Filter monitoring: Optimal strategy for replacing filters

Air cleaners and air conditioners use filters to ensure high air quality. By measuring the pressure drop across the filter, the optimal time for filter replacement can be determined.

Refrigerant leakage detection: Maximum safety with minimal total cost of ownership

To follow regulations, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is switching to refrigerants with lower global warming potential (GWP). However, these new refrigerants are flammable and therefore require active leak monitoring.

Our expertise

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Sensirion's differential pressure sensors are the market leader in VAV damper control and are used by leading suppliers worldwide.


Sensirion's sensor solutions are used worldwide in filter monitoring applications, building services and air handling equipment.