Monitoring environmental conditions is crucial for many processes that impact our daily life. By developing and manufacturing highly accurate sensors to be built into data loggers we not only support the needs of today but also shape the future of data logging.


Transport of pharmaceutical goods: Safe distribution chain

Highly regulated products such as pharmaceutical goods must comply with various guidelines in their distribution chain. The most heavily regulated parameter for pharmaceuticals is temperature, which determines not only the shelf life, but also the usability.

Transport of perishable goods: Reducing food waste

To reduce food waste, the entire supply chain from farm to fork must be considered. To keep them fresh, many fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, are transported and stored in a controlled atmosphere (CA).

Our expertise


Sensirion has become the world's first semiconductor company to introduce a new series of ISO17025-calibrated digital sensors.

20 years

Sensirion defined the market standard in humidity and temperature sensing more than 20 years ago.