The Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, smart phones, wearables - consumer electronics have permeated every aspect of human life. By leveraging our established sensor solutions, we help consumer electronics manufacturers make their applications smarter and create new ones that add significant value to the end user.


CO₂ monitors: Reliable carbon-dioxide measurements for better air quality

People breathe out CO₂. High CO₂ concentrations can affect work performance by causing concentration problems and fatigue. In addition, CO₂ concentration also serves as an indicator of the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria.

Indoor air quality monitors: Improved air quality thanks to sensor monitoring

From dust to formaldehyde to VOCs and CO₂, invisible elements and particulate matter indoors can lead to short-term or, at worst, long-term health problems. Measuring and monitoring air quality should therefore be a high priority.

Thermostats: Smart control and improved energy efficiency

The task of thermostats is to control the heat output via the radiators so that the right room climate prevails in every room. Without individual, smart control, valuable energy is lost and occupant comfort suffers.

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of thermostats are equipped with Sensirion's sensor solutions.


Based on a photoacoustic measurement principle, the CO₂ sensor technology could be miniaturized.