Analytical devices require high level of stability and reliability. The use of proven Sensirion sensor solutions offers the possibility of making applications fully automated, more reliable and convenient.


Bioreactors: Yield optimizations thanks to sensors

The covid pandemic has rapidly accelerated the development of pharmaceutical and medical products, e.g., vaccines. Such innovations are possible thanks to precise instrumentation. This trend will continue. Personalized medicine and organ-on-chips will require even more accurate instruments.

Analytical instruments: Liquid flow sensor solutions

Applications in life sciences, diagnostics and analytical instruments require the development of faster and more cost-efficient systems and processes. Automation and optimization are enabled by intelligent systems, machine learning and increasing amounts of data.

More efficient microfluidics thanks to precise liquid flow monitoring

Microfluidic systems are essential for the production and testing of drugs as well as for diagnostic applications. For extremely precise handling, liquid flows down to nl/min must be measured and system errors diagnosed or prevented.

Our expertise

20 years

experience in low and lowest flow rate sensing, for a high level of precision required in most analytical instruments.

Up to 10+

gas multi-calibrations.