Gas chromatography

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Pre-calibrated, digital and direct gas flow sensing

Our sensors have a small form factor, allowing for an integrated solution offering a digital output, with pre-calibrated gases such as helium, argon and nitrogen.

Reliable instrument operation

Thermal technology provides high repeatability, measuring flows down to sub-1 milliliter/min, making the instrument operations as reliable as possible for the end user,

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Find out why Sensirion should be a part of your solution

Innovation pioneer

With over 25 years of experience in flow sensing, we are aware of many challenges and know how to overcome them. Sensirion offers highly customizable solutions with various choices of materials, communication interfaces, fluidic designs and other specifications.

Wide portfolio of sensor solutions

We offer a wide and growing range of products with more than 10 product lines meeting the needs of our customers in the life sciences and analytical instruments.

Robust sourcing and global network

Our sensor solutions are produced in Europe at competitive prices through a robust supply chain and with short lead times. In addition, a broad sales network with over 200 distribution partners worldwide supports you.