Flow cytometry

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Volumetric cell concentration

Real-time direct flow measurements allow the user to measure the volume of sample dispensed. Combined with cell counting, this provides an output in the form of volumetric cell concentration.

Flow control and validation

Validating the expected pump flow rate, whether it is for the sheath or the sample flow, requires high reliability and repeatability measurements – such as those offered by Sensirion liquid flow sensors. Feedback control can be used by relying on the sensor’s output to ensure the pump performs accordingly.

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Für Flusskontrollsysteme in Biowissenschaften und Automatisierung

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Made to Measure: die nächste Generation von Durchflusssensoren

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Für die Integration in Instrumente & andere geschlossene Systeme

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With over 25 years of experience in flow sensing, we are aware of many challenges and know how to overcome them. Sensirion offers highly customizable solutions with various choices of materials, communication interfaces, fluidic designs and other specifications.

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We offer a wide and growing range of products with more than 10 product lines meeting the needs of our customers in the life sciences and analytical instruments.

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Our sensor solutions are produced in Europe at competitive prices through a robust supply chain and with short lead times. In addition, a broad sales network with over 200 distribution partners worldwide supports you.