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Maurizio Greco, Senior Equipment Specialist

Maurizio Greco works as a senior equipment specialist at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. He likes to spend his time off work doing yoga or going for a run and can occasionally be found at the friday beer on the Sensirion roof top terrace.

What are your tasks at Sensirion?

In addition to the weekly maintenance and calibration work, my tasks include the efficient elimination of possible problems that may arise during the operation of a machine. These can be electrical, mechanical or hydraulic problems. I also maintain a good exchange with suppliers and service partners. In case of major failures, I involve them and coordinate the cooperation.

What are the day-to-day challenges?

Our high-tech production facilities must always be available. This means that failures must be rectified very quickly. The investigative work to find solutions to the problems creates an extremely exciting challenge. Moreover, since the causes are always of a very different nature, daily variety is guaranteed.

What makes working at Sensirion special?

Sensirion shows great effort on offering the employees as much as they can. There are events, benefits and different activities you can take part in. Sports, charitable events and teambuilding activities are only a few examples. Through these events we grew into a huge team at Sensirion. Everyone helps each other out and you really feel like working in a big family.

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