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Burim Shemo, Teamleader at sensor integration

Burmi Shemo works as a team leader in the sensor integration department at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. In his spare time, he often spends the day on the soccer field.

What does your job involve and what skills are essential for it?

As team leader for Sensor Integration, my job is to plan and prioritize orders and to allocate the necessary resources (materials, employees). This requires technical expertise, which I possess thanks to my degree in electrical engineering. The support and development of employees is also part of my role as team leader. Lastly, I deal with troubleshooting. I'm also responsible for using CIP (continuous improvement process) to ensure that our processes keep on improving. In doing so, it is important to have a good overview of things, set the right priorities and promote collaboration with other departments.

What do you particularly like about Sensirion as an employer?

The work climate at Sensirion is exceptional. The combination of innovation and a friendly atmosphere is unlike anything I've seen before. The collaborative environment really allows us to achieve top results. But I am also enthusiastic about our products and I can identify with them - they make a significant contribution to improving health, safety and efficiency.

What challenges has COVID-19 presented in your daily work?

The coronavirus crisis has been something of a rocket launch for us. Production increased significantly in a very short space of time. For me, this meant coordinating more staff, additional equipment and orders. I approached this challenge with a great deal of motivation because it enabled me and my team to make a contribution in this crisis. Furthermore, it is a unique opportunity to ramp up production in this way. The employees' reactions to this were surprisingly positive and they went along with it. This has shown, yet again, that the team spirit at Sensirion is unique, and not only during these particular times.

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