Areas of activity

As a part of our research and development team you are responsible for diverse, mostly international, projects, and play an active role in the development and implementation of new products and processes. In our lab you will be carrying out various experiments and measurement evaluations as well as working on innovative prototypes. 

Job profiles

As an R&D project leader, you will take on sole responsibility for management and execution of challenging research and development projects. Your active participation will be required not only in the project definition and planning, but also in the implementation and subsequent evaluation of these projects. You will make prompt decisions, monitor progress and coordinate an uninterrupted flow of information between all colleagues involved in the project.

Profile: physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, mechanical engineering

As an R&D engineer, you are responsible for diverse, mostly international, projects, and play an active role in the development and implementation of new products. You will work on prototypes and carry out various experiments and measurement evaluations in the lab. You will focus on customer requirements and review their technical feasibility.

Profile: physics, electrical engineering, mechanical Engineering

As an R&D Engineer Processes, you will be responsible for the design and development of the processes required for the high-volume production of our sensors, depending on the focus, in the MEMS, Test and Calibration area or Packaging and Assembly.  

In close cooperation with project management, you will define the requirements for processes and coordinate their implementation with your counterparts in the technology groups (Software, Hardware, Automation, etc.) and with external suppliers. You will qualify the manufactured systems and processes, and deliver them to Production. As the process owner, you will monitor and analyze your processes in order to continually improve quality and performance, thus laying the groundwork for the creation of innovative products.

Focus Areas:

  • Cleanroom processes for application, structuring and removal of layers on the wafer; e.g. photolithography, etching, coating
  • Construction process for components; e.g. bond, wire bond, molding, wafer isolation, lead frames and PCBs
  • Construction processes for modules; e.g. assembly, ultrasonic welding and potting
  • Testing and calibration of environmental sensor sizes, and inspection of visual criteria.

Profile: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, process engineering, electrical engineering, microsystems technology, physics, material sciences

As a hardware engineer, you will independently create the concept and design of hardware and firmware, and will be responsible for its verification. You will use your knowledge of analog and digital circuit design in a varied range of projects. You will also assist in the constant refinement of hardware for our high-tech testing and calibration systems, in order that our high volume products can be calibrated and tested efficiently and reliably. Your expertise will be used to answer design and support queries from internal and external customers, and you will work closely with purchasing, production and various development teams.

Profile: electrical engineering

As an IC design engineer, you will oversee the development of our silicon chips, from specification to production. As an analog or digital designer, you will be responsible for design architecture, implementation, verification, subsequent drafting of the layout, and validation of the functionality of finished chips in the lab.

As a test engineer, you will be responsible for the evaluation and characterization of chips, as well as for the development of the test program for the production trials. Working with software and hardware/firmware teams, you will design the Sensirion-specific test systems.

Profile: electrical engineering, microelectronics, physics

As an automation engineer, you will work at the interface of development and production. You will be responsible for automation projects in the development of production facilities from simple devices to highly complex equipment. You will work closely with our specialist software and hardware personnel and process engineers. Your innovative solutions will enable us to produce high-precision sensors of the smallest dimensions, in large quantities and to the highest quality standards.

Profile: Engineering degree or technical degree (automation, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering)

As R&D engineer in the MEMS technologies division, you are chiefly responsible for developing Sensirion's MEMS manufacturing processes. You play a proactive role in MEMS projects to develop new sensors and further develop existing ones. First and foremost, you are responsible for technical implementation all the way through to serial production. During the development phase you are also in charge of various tasks in our own on-site cleanrooms.

Profile: microtechnology, electronics, materials science, physics, mechanical engineering

As a MEMS packaging expert, you will work on pioneering packaging processes for our sensors, and coordinate packaging for new sensor solutions internally and externally (with packaging companies in Asia). Your technical expertise and experience will accompany packaging projects from the prototype phase through to the start of production. You will deal with the various IC packaging types and the related analytical techniques for package structures and materials, and acquire a deeper knowledge of the various packaging process.

Profile: microsystems technology, electrical engineering, physics, materials sciences

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